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A virus insecticide from tomato combating pest problems in various crops

An international group of scientists that Dr. Trevor Williams of the Institute of Ecology AC (INECOL) in Mexico participate developed a model mixture of viruses with high impact results that have enabled us to take vegetables and other pest problems in various crops. The team (composed of French and Spanish) provided a solution to pest damage on vegetables in southern Spain and the Canary Islands. “This is – said Trevor Williams, secretary INECOL Graduate – a model virus creation so far has found no similarity in the world, because it is not genetically engineered.

a virus insecticide from tomato combating pests

The same scientist explains that years ago a first patent was granted for the development of a biological insecticide requested by a cooperative of producers in southern Spain for control of meager Spodopteras, an insect that can attack more than 60 species of plants grown belonging to 23 botanical families. “It is a worm that damaged crops in greenhouses, such as watermelons, tomatoes, peppers and others in the area of Almeria, one of the most important vegetable productions supplying Europe.

Enhance the attribute of the meat with genetic markers

One of the most important economic activities in Mexico’s meat production and to contribute to livestock-cattle industry specialists (IPN) National Polytechnic Institute identified with DNA markers which Charolais populations have differences in the frequency of alleles , which are genes associated with enhanced meat quality in terms of smoothness and marbling score, which is the intramuscular fat of the same. The research carried out at the Centre for Genomic Biotechnology (CEBIOGEN) in Tamaulipas, by Dr. Ana Maria Sifuentes Rincon, has focused on the genetics and molecular characterization of different breeds of cattle.

enhance the attribute of the meat with genetic markers

“Genetic improvement can be accomplished by selection between races, inter-racial and cross. We search tools that allow regional producers of livestock selection and identify the most productive, having greater genetic and meat quality as well as cost-effective to improve the breed copies potential, “says the polytechnic specialist. Molecular markers serve to identify some regions in the genome of bovine characteristics associated with interest earned, and are used as molecular diagnostic tools to identify genes for meat quality, genetic predisposition to disease and disease resistance.

Having women may decide not to activate a single chip remote

Implants in the upper layers of the skin are not new. In the treatment of diseases that require continuous dose control and a comprehensive drug, quantities are elements that pose a better future. In the field of contraception and has been in use a while. Microchips are a new implant developed at MIT whose main landmark is its duration: 16 years. In addition, inside you can safely place a set of sensors, microprocessors and devices for wireless communications that allow medicating necessary measures at any time or following a course taught by the health plan.

having women may decide not to activate a single chip remote

To implant the chip, made of titanium and platinum only a minor procedure under local anesthesia, which lasts no more than 30 minutes, is required. If we talk about deciding to stay or not pregnant, the marriage Gates Foundation has included in its fertility program to project managers, who are already working on getting the tests that have been successful in the treatment of osteoporosis are transferred to the field fertility of a woman using the hormone levonorgestrel. Rehearsals will begin next year.

The first comprehensive inventory of all glaciers on Earth

For the first time, humanity has a complete inventory of all glaciers on Earth. Now we know how many glaciers there, where they and what are are their extensions and volumes. In inhabited areas close to glaciers, it is common for seasonal partial melting of these constitutes a major, independent of the source of drinking water supplied by rain. Moreover, in many respects, as the glaciers is “canary in the mine” in regards to global warming? Their patterns of change can reveal the true extent of the warming in every part of the globe where there are glaciers. ‘s digital profiles now available for the first time allow to make reliable estimates of future development of glaciers, and therefore their contributions to the regional hydrology and the rise of global sea levels.

the first comprehensive inventory of all glaciers on earth

Through the efforts of an international team that includes Tobias Bolch, a glaciologist at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, and the Institute of Cartography at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany have been managed to map all the world’s glaciers. This will now allow glaciologists study with unprecedented precision the impact of a changing climate on glaciers around the world, and determine the full extent and volume of all of them. Overall, glaciers cover an area of approximately 730,000 miles square, and have a volume of about 170,000 cubic miles. Bolch, Tad Pfeffer of the University of Colorado in the United States, Graham Cogley of Trent in Ontario, Canada, Frank Paul of Zurich, and dozens of his colleagues have cataloged nearly 200,000 glaciers, but as warned, this figure is constantly changing due to the disappearance of many small glaciers or fragmentation of large glaciers.

The ghostly dead tundra hidden under two miles of ice in Greenland

It is commonly believed that the glaciers and ice sheets behave like a belt sander over the land on which they rest. As they move on the ground, dragging everything in its path, including vegetation, soil, and to the upper layer of bedrock. Therefore, a team of scientists has been a great surprise to discover an ancient landscape of tundra clearly recognizably preserved under the ice of Greenland, about three kilometers (two miles) thick. equipment Paul Bierman University of Vermont in the U.S. city of Burlington, analyzed 17 samples of “dirty ice” (ice mixed with sediments) of the 12 deepest of an ice core 3 kilometers long extracted sections of a borehole meters excavated at Summit, Greenland.

the ghostly dead tundra hidden under two miles of ice in greenland

Moreover, he has found rich soil organic matter that has been frozen at the bottom of the ice for 2.7 million years. The new discovery shows that the central Greenland has remained stable even during the warmest periods since formed the ice. Probably not reached completely melt in no time. This allowed the tundra landscape remained trapped under the ice intact for several million years of global warming and cooling. Some models of ice sheets indicate that the Greenland ice sheet melted completely during previous interglacial periods. The new data suggest that this did not happen.

Tomatoes contain more vitamin E

The best way to get the 30mg daily of vitamin E that make up recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) daily dose is through the consumption of foods rich in it such as fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and seeds. Because of its high nutritional value, it tries to improve its focus on consumer foods such as tomatoes. A study published in the journal Nature Communications, the participating Carrari Fernando, Ramón Peralta Assisi and Iris, researchers from CONICET and INTA (Argentina), showed that tomatoes grown in the field have increased expression of vitamin E that greenhouse. Found that this key difference may be attributable to epigenetic mechanisms relating to environmental conditions.

tomatoes contain more vitamin E

Vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells against damage by free radicals, reduces oxidation of “bad cholesterol” involved in clogging the arteries. Also strengthens the immune system against viruses and bacteria and reduces the incidence of degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. These factors make it an essential vitamin for healthy living.

Safer using of the hydrogen as a liquid fuel

We often have hydrogen as the fuel of the future. Certainly, if it can get it cheaply from water, would be able to unseat traditional automotive fuels. However, there is one problem: Hydrogen is even more dangerous than gasoline and the like. Was used in airships during its golden age, but fell into disuse in favor of helium, despite lower performance of it, after some very serious accidents with hydrogen, especially the Hindenburg, which in 1937 exploded over Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States, killing dozens of people. That plane crash marked the end of the great dirigibles and demonized hydrogen.

safer using of the hydrogen as a liquid fuel

The problem of hydrogen safety could significantly limit future use. A solution would be to find an affordable way to make it a less dangerous substance, and store it in that form until the right time you need it. This solution may have been found now, thanks to the work of scientists at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne in Switzerland, who have developed a simple system based on two chemical reactions. The first reaction converts hydrogen in formic acid, a liquid that is easy to store and less flammable than gasoline.

The captivating donuts surrounding black holes assets

A new crawling over 170,000 supermassive black holes detected with the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) space telescope NASA has led researchers from Argentina, Chile and the United States to re-examine concepts and theories developed for the first time more 30 years. The theory of unification of active supermassive black holes was created to explain why similar in nature black holes are observed with very different properties. Some seem to be enveloped in dust and others seem to be exposed, easily observed.

the captivating donuts surrounding black holes assets

The unified model solves the problem by proposing that each black hole is surrounded by a structure of donut-shaped dust whose orientation determines the appearance of the black hole. For example, if the toroid (the surface of revolution generated by a polygon rotating about an axis) oriented profile is then dust blocks light and appears black hole hidden or obscured, while if it is oriented face then look at the “naked” black hole. New results from WISE not totally agree with this theory. The researchers found evidence that some other mechanism besides this donut-like structure must, in some cases, if the central black hole is observed obscured or exposed.

The echoes of the Big Bang could stay simple galactic dust

This image went around the world last March when John Kovac and his team BICEP telescope-2 reported that the ‘swirls’ showing polarization follow a pattern called B-mode (with red or blue tones according revolve the sense of clockwise or counterclockwise) – relating to the primordial gravitational waves from the early Big Bang. All around great discovery in cosmology, but within weeks was questioned. In mid-May Science, magazine echoed experts raised doubts as Adam Falkowski, Laboratory of Theoretical Physics in Orsay.

the echoes of the big bang could stay simple galactic dust

Who suspected that he had not ruled out the powder in our galaxy in the comments already made, as well as a possible misinterpretation of a preliminary map of the universe captured by the Planck satellite, taken from a presentation slide, and served as reference for the team Kovac? In the same journal, scientists, journalists Adrian Cho is asked the same question and astronomer Christopher Crockett did in science news. In addition, many scientists, as Raphael Flauger, Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, expressed their doubts on the social networks.

The chromebooks are designed for college

Every time we expose to Chrome OS and its various representations in the market, we have voices in your head that tell us about the lack of interest by a platform of its kind, others however, remind us that it is an ideal device for most users. Anyway, the big manufacturer supports the initiative of Google, and is slowly putting his paw in places where competition is keen to govern. A good example is the education sector, where the iPad was gaining ground in the U.S. markets.

the chromebooks are designed for college

Built by CTL, the images you have in a Chromebook are designed for college, with features to make it stronger, a handle for portability, and a price of $ 279. For now, this is a product aimed at the U.S. market, but we believe it is interesting to know what gives. With Chromebook Education CTL not only they will try to annoy brands historically introduced in the market, such as Dell or HP , also tablets that are holding the soil with the Apple iPad to the head.

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