Input 1ph 220V Output 3ph Inverter Frn0.75e1s-7c 380~480V 5.0A 0.1~400Hz 0.75KW Function New

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Input 1ph 220V Output 3ph Inverter Frn0.75e1s-7c 380~480V 5.0A 0.1~400Hz 0.75KW Function New
E1S series is a high performance, compact drive. This series uses the highest level of control, with the same level in the fastest CPU, powerful starting torque, controlled by the slip compensation torque output stability, the same level as the industry\'s first PG feedback control compatible achieved without tripping operation, long life design, simple and adequate maintenance, simple operation, wiring simple, consider the function peripherals fully meet the requirements of globalization. Range used in industrial application, most suitable for the vertical transfer, horizontal transfer specific operation purposes.
E1S series inverter uses an advanced torque vector control technology, its application in addition to fans, pumps, but can be widely used, including handling machinery, including a variety of production machinery drive control.
This series of inverter volume is small, but high performance, high starting torque of the motor when the 0.5Hz to 200%, the low-speed range torque ripple of about less than half the previous drive. Dynamic torque vector control, dynamic torque vector control system via high-speed calculations to determine the load status of the corresponding motor power required,  proprietary technology can best control the voltage and current vector output maximum torque.
Technical parameters:
Applicable motor [KW] (* 1): 0.1 ~ 2.2
Voltage: 3 phase 380V / 50HZ, single phase 220V
Rated overload current: rated output current of 150% -1min, 200% -0.5s
Rated frequency: 50,60HZ
Voltage and frequency to allow changes: Voltage: + 10 to -15%
Frequency: +5 to -5%
Rated Input Current: With DCR: 17.5A
No DCR: 24.8A
Braking: Brake Torque: 40
DC brake: Brake start frequency: 0.1 ~ 60.0HZ
Braking time: 0.0-30.0s
Braking action val

DIY Supplies Electrical
Model Number Frn0.75e1s-7c
Type inverter
Unit Type piece
Package Weight 2.5kg (5.51lb.)
Package Size 18cm x 15cm x 8cm (7.09in x 5.91in x 3.15in)

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