Dive bottle 12L aluminum dive cylinders 12 liters a full set of diving equipment combination packages / oxygen bottle stores

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Product Name
Highland Diving full suit
Brand sea dive
60 pounds
The maximum potential depth
70 meters
For the environment
5 degrees above the water temperature warm waters; (Changing clothes can fit the whole colder temperature)
This package is aluminum bottle Diving Accessory Kit Respiratory system are imported accessories
Suitable warm waters are widely used in greater depth diving environment of recreational diving, fishing, hull clean up, the bottom deck maintenance, fish farming, fishing and hunting underwater, underwater rescue, underwater search and so on.
Note: Set with two lead weights
1: Diving bottle
2: BCD
1 Domestic buoyancy compensator, high-quality tough 1000 Danny, on the back TPU Durable nylon material
2 Waist wrist strap and uniform distribution of the air bag by force;
3 The left and right sides of the shoulder strap buckles have a fast, easy to wear off BC
4 Adjustable shoulder strap ergonomically designed shape of the flexible liner flannel, easy to wear, shoulder four large stainless steel D
Buckle, 3 A big stainless steel D Buckle, 4 A reinforced nylon small D Buckle, convenient BC Hung on accessories;
5 Both sides back around there 2 One each can be loaded ( 2.5 Kg) counterweight lead quick release bag behind the new no
Fast beam bottle stainless steel buckle, never off the bottle.
6 The waist corset with 2 Inch large and fast buckle easy to operate, the new design after balloon full of gas, there is no pressure
Forced waist on both sides feel.
3: a valve
Copper production of high pressure, the outer layer of hard chrome plating treatment
Simple design, easy maintenance
Maximum supply pressure 3000psi
The output voltage 135 ~ 145psi
High pressure port 7/1

Num. SD-0087
Place of origin Chinese
Price tag 9000
Sports & Outdoors items Diving
Availability 2014 Summer
Unit Type piece
Package Weight 40.0kg (88.18lb.)
Package Size 40cm x 40cm x 40cm (15.75in x 15.75in x 15.75in)

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